Happy Customers Talk...

"Thank-you for making our day such a special one. Your service was smooth and professional."

"Thank-you for an excellent evening of entertainment...you certainly have a flair for what poeple want to dance to."

"On behalf of the Canuck staff, thank-you for the dance music for our year-end party...the activity on the floor was good testament to your fine music selections...I personally only managed about 20 dances, but some younger feet danced the night away."

"...The DJ had a feel of the crowd and got everyone dancing the first song and the crowd kept dancing right to the very end of the dance, no one wanted the music to end."

"Some of the comments from the Daishowa-Marubeni Christmas Party: Where did you get the DJ? Excellent! ... This is the BEST Christmas Party we have had in 20 years!"

"Everyone had a great time at our Wedding, even our guests from Japan were out there doing the Hokey-Pokey & Chicken Dance ... you did a great job of keeping people on the dance floor."